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Why are we here?

On multiple fronts, our world is in crises – in governments, in public welfare and safety, in climate, in the economy. All foster a sense of risk and uncertainty. The 6 January riot at the United States Capitol reinforced our vulnerability to influences, factual and imagined.  We saw how the external filtered into workplaces as even CEOs were counted among the rioters. This latter fact crystallised how much today’s businesses need leaders who can extend their mindset and proficiencies. Being a leader comes with immense responsibility, and not just commercially and financially.

Leaders today must also make the best of multi-generational, multi-cultural, and gender-diverse employee populations under ambiguous circumstances. So whether you are striving for large scale transformational change, to attract and to deploy talent and capabilities, to achieve breakthroughs in productivity or interpersonal challenges within teams or with a co-founder, there are many stakeholders to be influenced and many roadblocks that can halt progress. We can help you navigate them and possibly prevent them from happening again. With over 40 years of corporate experience in multinationals with operations in Asia Pacific, the Americas, and Europe, we grasp what it takes to become a successful leader. A leader who thrives in the most demanding conditions.

How can we help you?

From working with entrepreneurs to billion dollar companies, we guide leaders to success. Available in-person and virtually.

Transform Leadership

We review and diagnose what is holding your organisation back and work together with you to put a leadership development plan in place to achieve long term, repeatable business performance.

Success hinges on harnessing a team's talent, understanding a team's direction, and uniting a team in a common purpose. Through a few tools and excercises, we’ll emerge with a clear direction to take.

Transition New Leaders to Success

Whether that’s following a M&A or simply a new promotion, we shepherd the new leader through a 100-day on boarding process to ensure a smooth transition.

Resolve Conflicts & Dilemmas “on call”

A confidential sounding board with trusted advice can enhance and speed up critical decisions and resolve potentially derailing interpersonal conflicts. Our individual 1-to-1 60 minute sessions can resolve immediate problems.


Our approach to
thriving leadership

Verolead™ is built on the premise that leadership thrives when grounded in an awareness of one’s make up as a human being and that leaders embrace their mandates within that context. We have seen countless times where leaders take shrewd approaches yet forget that empathy, compassion, inclusion and interest in the greater good go a very long way.

Verolead’s™ objectives are pure and simple – to bring its capabilities to leaders who aspire to bring superb business results, impacting the human whole while enhancing the psychological-emotional-social experience of themselves and those they lead. Call it inspiration, engagement or ownership, a Verolead™ leader is one who fundamentally believes that the depths of human creativity, ingenuity, enthusiasm, vision, and drive are unlocked by the intersection of the heads, the hands, and the hearts concentrated in the decisions and actions of leadership and teams.


4 characterists
of thriving leaders

Every thriving leader needs to possess these 4 characteristics.

Self-Awareness Agile Balance Infectious Passion Verolead_Leadership_4_Characteristics_Leaders_Must_Have Presence and Influence

Whom do we advise?

From corporate to start-ups, we transition leaders to success.

Leaders looking to take that next step

Did you accept a new challenge? Additional responsabilities? We can guide you to success in this new step in your career.

Companies undergoing Merger & Acquisitions

Not sure which resource is best to steer the new company to new heights? We can help identify the ideal candidate.

Leaders looking to connect with their team

Inherited a team and need to find the way to work in perfect unision? Let us guide you through this exciting, yet critical process.

Entrepreneurs looking to bond with Co-Founders

Not meshing as well as you would like with your co-founders? Sometimes, setting up a new way of working can do the trick. We’ll show you how.

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