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Our approach to
thriving leadership

Our philosophy is based on a belief that an enterprise and its people are successful because of the enabling excellence of leadership rather than success INSPITE of leadership. The journey to enabling excellence is one of inspiration and aspiration, a vision which can expand or contract by virtue of the men and women chosen to lead rather than dictate, dominate, or limit the strength and enthusiasm of the members.

From there, everything we do is to bring clarity to and underpin four characteristics which we see as preconditions for a thriving Verolead™ leader. The Verolead™ methodology systematises the following four elements in our leadership development approach. The end result is not only an inspired leader, but also an invigorated team who is committed to deliver and achieve business results.

What are the 4 characteristics of a thriving leader?

We'll help you develop them.

Self Awareness

Frequently and honestly cultivate self-reflection and deliberate decisions and actions to build, support, mitigate for, or change the aspects one needs to thrive as a leader.

Agile Balance

Have the tenacity to dig deep for insights and answers and to guide actively in pursuit of excellence while possessing the aptitude and confidence to decide, to relinquish control and embrace the risks that lead to breakthroughs.

Presence and Influence

Catalyse your humanity and relevant expertise to lead while acknowledging your own needs and those of whom you lead, i.e., the needs to belong and to realize one’s potential.

Infectious Passion for Purpose

Have the courage to define and stick to a direction, to take a stand on behalf of a vision, to act with integrity, and to include, even when it is unpopular.


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