About us

Boutique Leadership Consultancy

Helmed by Frances Strickland, a business leader focused in optimising human capital, Verolead was founded in 2020 with the objective to help leaders thrive in these turbulent times. Frances’ experiences in global organizations across Retail, Automotive, FMCG, Utilities and Glass Manufacturing has exposed her to varying degrees of leadership competency over the last 40 years.

This has undoubtedly shaped her to be the leadership consultant she is today. American-born and raised, but with over a decade of life and professional experience in Switzerland, Frances is considerably aware of the role a person’s upbringing can play in their leadership abilities. This has empowered her to pave the way for a thriving and energizing office culture and work environment for all. Keep scrolling down to get to know more about us.

Our experience in a nutshell

From a small town in South Carolina to Lausanne, Switzerland, with several pitstops in between.

Fortune 500 companies

With extensive experience in billion-dollar conglomerates, we understand business.


Fortunate enough to have worked with people from all corners (literally!) of the world.


Leading people from the shop floor to C-suite executives, Operations to Commercial to HR

From tactical adjustments to strategic long-term vision and interventions.


What it means to work with us

The little things that can make a huge difference.

Human touch

We’ve worked with people from 30+ nationalities, and as such, have grown very sensible to cultural differences.

Cultural sensibility

We’ve worked with people from 30+ nationalities, diverse in gender and generations, and as such, have grown a deep mindfulness of cultural dynamics.

Business acumen

With over 40 years of corporate experience we know how to operate a successful business.

Inclusive approach

Growth to us is only achieved when everyone is on the same page. We’ll make sure to get your team on yours.

A glimpse behind the scenes

``We need to make this culture, our culture, but better, more performance oriented and more accountable.”

What happens when you are called upon to implement a regional transformation that is mandated by the global HQ? Such was the task faced by Frances, our Founder, who at the time was the head of HR for this organisation. The challenge required criteria for selecting where and whom would be affected by the changes, developing and facilitating communications in 17 markets and ensuring compliant social plans.

The result? After a year, the transformation was officially announced as ended. There were no challenges from 3rd party representatives, local authorities, or employees. The organisation retained 96% of its key talent and successfully implemented 98% of its talent plans during the period. Within the markets, local teams were recognised as great places to work via an independent external assessment of their respective work environments.


"Fran is a people-centred leader with a wealth of experience across all aspects of international business. She balances theory with practical, common sense perspectives and solutions. A trusted coach and counsellor, Fran has a passion for getting the best out of people and supporting their development."

"When I joined the organisation, Frances took the initiative to lead me through a "New Leader Transition" process. It allowed me to be known in a very short period not only to my direct reports and peers, but also to a big part of the total European organisation. This showed immediately 2 strong characteristics to me of Frances; she is very conscientious and focuses on the importance of human relations, by some people defined as soft skills."

How can we help you?

From working with entrepreneurs to billion dollar companies, we guide leaders to success. Available in-person and virtually.

We review and diagnose what is holding your organisation back and work together with you to put a leadership development plan in place to achieve long term, repeatable business performance.

Success hinges on harnessing a team's talent, understanding a team's direction, and uniting a team in a common purpose. Through a few tools and excercises, we’ll emerge with a clear direction to take.

Transition New Leaders to Success

Whether that’s following a M&A or simply a new promotion, we shepherd the new leader through a 100-day on boarding process to ensure a smooth transition.

Resolve Conflicts & Dilemmas “on call”

A confidential sounding board with trusted advice can enhance and speed up critical decisions and resolve potentially derailing interpersonal conflicts. Our individual 1-to-1 60 minute sessions can resolve immediate problems.


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